Borbonus - Advogados

The Law Firma has more than 10 (ten) years of experience in international Law with quality and commitment.

We are professionals trained in legal departments from big companies and from traditional Law Firms we are dynamic professionals who practice in complex areas of the Law throughout the Global Market place.

As professionals, we offer a personalized approach in meeting the needs of our clients in all area of the Law, therefore creating a stable and long term relationships with our clients.
A meeting of this professionals and the maturity of a mutual aspiration resulted in the development of a Law Firma with deep knowledge about the business of the clients, committed in a integrated, active and safe way to the legal services with focus on results and affordable in a structured focused at the delivery.
The clients are advised on all aspects of their business, both in the scope to prevention as in litigation.

The excellence of the services occurs because of the constant technical and human development of the team, that attends the requirements of a modern market, with the sense of opportunity, urgency and persistence, allowing in this way the appearance of different solutions appropriated for the challenge of the clients business and looking always for the best result for the company.

Missão Borbonus

Development of legal compliance in our business relationships through of the application of legal principles.

Visão Borbonus

Attend and provide effective and differentiated solutions to the clients such as legal support for sustainable and balanced relationships.

Valores Borbonus

Ethic, Respect, Accountability, Transparency, Commitment, Awareness, Agility, Strategy, Efficiency and Cooperation.

Diretrizes Borbonus

» Be transparent in all dealings, maintaining the confidentiality of all information;
» Maintain continuous personal and professional development;
» Know and understand deeply the business of the clients;
» Understand customer needs and focus on the solution;
» Keep the focus on client and business;
» Being committed to the result, ethically and respectfully in all activities;
» Promote cooperation in all relationships;
» Develop healthy relationships, sustainable and stable.

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